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The following News Articles & Events are referencing stories with Mr. Valden's past affiliations.

Tarrant County May Be Eminent Domain Capital

For original version Click Here BY ALESHIA HOWE February 01, 2010 In Tarrant County, eminent domain is a way of life. Thanks to the area’s burgeoning transportation projects, a few high-profile real estate developments and sprawling Barnett Shale sites, local experts say Tarrant County real estate owners are bombarded – and will continue to be bombarded […]


Pipelines can now share Texas highway right of way

For PDF version Click Here In the right of way industry, eminent domain is a fourletter word. Oil and gas companies will pay exorbitant amounts to avoid it and right of way agents only whisper it behind closed doors while land owners shout, “not on my property. ”If private property and the threat of eminent […]


Pipeline Rights of Way: The next boom in the Haynesville Shale

For original version Click Here BY KSLA News 12 January 23, 2009 SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – Get ready for the next phase of the Haynesville Shale, as natural gas companies look to lay pipelines to get all that gas to market. American Right of Way Associates CEO Don Valden is getting ready to train an army of […]


It’s Oil In the Family

For PDF version Click Here You’ve heard the saying, “Necessity is the mother of all invention?” Meet two brothers that took a necessity and turned it into a 6 mil lion-a-year success story. That would be Don Valden and Ted Valdez, founders of Texas Right of Way Associates, Inc. Three years ago Valden, who changed […]


Brothers turn training into livelihood

For PDF version Click Here Valden teamed with his brother, Ted Valdez (Valden changed his name when he was 18), to found a business that trains right of way agents and contracts them out to energy companies to map the way for pipelines.” “I thought, this is the first time I was really in on […]


Texas Right of Way lines up survey division

For PDF version Click Here Texas Right of Way Associates Inc.(TRWA) is opening a survey division to go along with its right of way acquisitions services. The survey division will provide preliminary design survey – American LandTitle Association/American Congress on Surveying and Mapping asbuilt surveys– oil and natural gas pipeline alignment route and right of […]


The Right (of way) Brothers Ted Valdez and Don Valden find a niche in the Barnett Shale

For PDF version Click Here The economists and analysts say the Barnett Shale is bringing grat wealth to the area, but for Don Valden and Ted Valdez, it has done more than that: It has brought the two brothers together. The duo established Texas Right of Way Associates a little over a year ago and […]