Showing Energy the Way


Business meetingARWA market analysis shows that energy companies are in need of a more streamlined system of right-of-way acquisition for a variety of routes.  With over 30 years of experience in right of way acquisitions, route selections, documentation, condemnation, land title abstracting, land survey, GIS Mapping, mineral leasing, environmental, utility and pipeline construction, we offer a proven body of expertise that many service companies in the energy industry lack.

Many right of way service companies are mere staffing agencies. They are not equipped to train agents while managing projects. ARWA is a right of way acquisitions consulting firm, specializing in training our agents prior to placing them in the field. By training our own agents, we are not limited by the number of available agents within a specific natural gas play, which enables us to more efficiently handle projects for our clients.

ARWA acknowledges that each client’s project is unique, however there are many common factors in the right of way industry. The following is an example of our analysis from the Barnett Shale:
Clients benefit from a cohesive, highly trained team, not just a group of common right of way agents. With over 30 years experience in energy, oil and gas acquisitions plus 8 years of proven results in the Barnett Shale, we have discovered that a single agent should acquire an average of 8 easements per month. In keeping with the energy company’s projections, ARWA consistently provides a unique team concept. A well-managed team of agents efficiently provides the ability to acquire up to 40 easements per month. In this example, a team always consists of a team leader and four professionally trained right of way agents.

Team Leader: The team lead is responsible for conveying the client’s policies and procedures. The team lead coordinates route selections with our in house survey division, and provides route maps plus the necessary documents needed to acquire right of way. The team lead reviews the accuracy of signed easement documents, survey plays and profiles as well as contact, negotiate and acquire road permits, utility sites and right of way. The team lead also delegates and coordinates specific duties to each agent, and will manage the team with professionalism, integrity and value, reporting the team’s progress with weekly update reports to the client.

Agents: Agents are responsible for representing themselves and the client’s policies and procedures in a professional manner. Each agent coordinates with the team lead in selecting the best right of way routes, researching accurate ownership title and preparing accurate right of way documents. Agents contact landowners, negotiate for and acquire utility sites and right of way. Agents consult and work with other agents and survey crews on the team. Each agent reports his or her progress daily to the team lead.
ARWA provides experienced project managers and team leaders as a single point of contact for all questions, meetings and status report updates. We place a minimum of 5 member teams for each phase of a project, governed by an experienced manager or team leader, in the field. After our team has acquired the necessary right-of-way and sites, the client can then determine how many teams would be necessary to keep up with the acquisition timeline schedule.