Showing Energy the Way

Kory Ecklund – Director of Operations


Kory Ecklund, Director of Operations Right of Way Division, is supervising over 600 well plays in NW Texas for Texas Right of Way Associates. He is managing the purchase of Right of Way, Well Pads and also overseeing Survey, Permitting and daily operations.

He has been a Corporate Right of Way manager for Buckeye Partners in the Chicago area and with Chesapeake (Texas Midstream) in the Barnett Shale play, where he managed many professional Right of Way agents that were buying easements on multiple lines within the Fort Worth and surrounding urban areas.

Kory started as a contract Right of Way agent over 15 years ago and soon rose to the position of Contract Right of Way Supervisor over projects in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Texas. He purchased Right of Way for Fiber lines and sites for Cell Towers and Optical Amplifiers.

His goals are to bring projects in on time and on budget with integrity and professionalism.

Kory attended Western State College, CO from 1978-1983 and taken continuing education course through the International Right of Way Association where he is currently a member in good standing. He also holds a Texas Real Estate Commission-TREC Right of Way License.