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Texas Right of Way lines up survey division

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Texas Right of Way Associates Inc.(TRWA) is opening a survey division to go along with its right of way acquisitions services.

The survey division will provide preliminary design survey – American LandTitle Association/American
Congress on Surveying and Mapping asbuilt surveys– oil and natural gas pipeline alignment route and right of way surveys, construction staking and other phases in the survey process. TRWA’s survey division will consist of three in-house registered professional land surveyors and two professional draftsmen. TRWA’s survey division will utilize state-of-the-art equipment for its survey division and will provide multiple crew chiefs and crews as needed, according to the Fort Worth-based company.

“We noticed the largest disconnect in the right of way process is the communication between right of way agents and the survey company,” said Don Valden, CEO of TRWA. “With the survey and the right of way division under one roof, it will make us much more efficient and accountable to our clients. What also makes our in-house survey division different from the rest is the physical distance between the survey company and the right of way agent’s field office.”

The survey division will focus on the Barnett Shale, though services will be available across the state, said TedValdez, president of TRWA.

“The Barnett Shale is different because so much of the drilling occurs in urban areas,” Valdez said. “Survey companies are overwhelmed with the demand of multiple projects, re-routes and physical obstructions.”

Dune gains Barnett Shale acreage
Houston-based Dune Energy Inc. said Aug. 7 it has significantly increased its acreage position in the Barnett Shale
to more than 8,000 gross acres from approximately 2,900 at the beginning of the year. Since Dune began its Barnett Shale drilling program late in 2005, it has completed and acquired 26 wells, according to the company. Production for the first quarter of 2007 averaged 3.9 millioncubic feet estimate (mmcfe) per day.

“This greatly expands our drillable acreage within the prolific Barnett Shale,” said Alan D. Gaines, chairman of Dune. “Dune will continue to expand its
footprint by aggressively seeking out additional corporate opportunities within this core area.

Carrizo reports financials, Barnett Shale drilling Houston-based Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc. on Aug. 8 reported record production of 4.2 billion cubic feet estimate (Bcfe) and record revenue of $32.9 million, much of that increase attributed tonew drilling in the Barnett Shale. Revenues for the three months,

Barnett Shale Update
whichended June 30, were $32.9 million, a healthy 99 percent higher than the $16.5 million during the same quarter a year earlier. Net income was $8.1 million. The increase in revenue was driven primarily by higher production and higher realized natural gas prices, according to the company. Production volumes during these months were 4.20 Bcfe, 74 per-cent higher compared to 2.42 Bcfe during the second quarter of 2006. The increase over the second quarter production was primarily due to the successful drilling of Barnett Shale area wells, the addition of the Baby Ruth and Doberman wells in the gulf coast area and the successful recompletion of the Galloway Gas Unit No. 1, according to the company.

“We are very pleased with our strong production growth in the second quarter,” said S.P. Johnson IV, president and CEO of Carrizo, in a release.

Johnson said Carrizo estimates net production at 49 mmcfe per day with 28mmcfe per day from the Barnett Shale and 21 mmcfe per day from the onshore gulf coast. The company’s Barnett Shale production will continue to grow with several expected high rate wells currently waiting to hook up with a pipeline, he said.

Carrizo has a contract to drill at the University of Texas at Arlington and has been conducting seismic tests.

Chief takes back name
Following a one-year hiatus after thesale of 169,000 net acres in the Barnett Shale to Devon Energy Corp. in June 2006, Chief Oil & Gas LLC of Dallas has resumed using that name. After thesale, Chief used the names Chief Operating LLC and Chief Exploration & Development LLC. The privately heldcompany, headed by founder, president and CEO Trevor Rees-Jones, has also moved its headquarters to 5956 Sherry Lane in Dallas and has a new Web site domain:

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